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These pages focus on Stage 3 of the review process for Air Pollutant Emissions Inventories submitted by Parties to the UNECE.

CEIP is the focal point for submissions and review. The CEIP pages provide excellent advice and material including:

The Review is designed to assess and improve the quality of inventories (primarily the IIR and NFR data) set against:

  1. The UNECE Reporting Guidelines and Annexes
  2. and, good practice in compilation and methodologies set in the Guidebook
  3. "Updated methods and procedures for the review of emission inventories" (2018) - Information about Technical Revisions can be found in the Appendix (p. 14)

The key quality elements that are reviewed include:

  • Transparency: including whether the data provided shows clearly the methods, assumptions and data sources used for the estimates
  • Completeness: ensuring that all anthropogenic sources of emission are included for which there are methods provided in the Guidebook
  • Comparability: ensuring that emission estimates are compiled using similar and compatible methods across Parties and provided at a similar level of detail
  • Consistency: ensuring that data provided by a party has consistent data and assumptions across years and pollutants reported
  • Accuracy: assessment to ensure that where possible and for Key Categories higher tiered methods are used for more accurate estimates, QA/QC is undertaken to check for errors and bias and to support continuous improvement and uncertainties in emission estimates are minimised and uncertainty analysis forms the basis of prioritising future improvements by the Party

The Scope of the Review:

  • Pollutants (SOx, NOx, NMVOC, NH3, PM10 & PM2.5, BC (optionally), Pb, Cd, Hg, POPs)
  • Completeness of reporting
  • Key categories
  • Use latest version of Emission Inventory Guidebook as reference
  • Consistency of time-series years 1990 - 2018
  • Focussing on any timeseries inconsistencies, parties protocol base year and latest year estimates
  • Recalculations of 2005 and 2010 and 2015 emissions
  • Calculation of technical correction in case of signifcant errors and or/non reporting
  • Assessment of information on condensable

Parties to be Reviewed in 2020:

Inventories of 5 countries (EU, Iceland, Kazakhstan, North Macedonia, Lichtenstein, Monaco, Switzerland) will be reviewed by expert review team (ERT). Kyrgyzstan, Lichtenstein, and Monaco did not provide data in 2020 - review canceled. Data for the review is available on Data and Tools (not yet updated).

Material submitted each year by Parties according the Reporting Programme is listed here and includes:

  1. the IIR (methodology reports)
  2. and NFR (data tables including emissions and activity data)

CEIP page with submissions for 2020: https://www.ceip.at/status-of-reporting-and-review-results/2020-submissions

The key outputs from the review are :

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